Art Flex It! My Body My Temple’ Parthenon Centennial Park

Art Flex It! My Body My Temple’ Parthenon Centennial Park

One of Nashville’s most visited and perhaps most unusual landmarks is our Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon that you will find in Athens, Greece (chief temple of the goddess Athena, built in the 5th century b.c..) Our version, however, was  built  here in Tennessee specifically for Tennessee’s 1897 Centennial Explosion. Today, our gorgeous faux Greek temple sits grandly as the grand centerpiece of Centennial Park. The Parthenon is our city’s art museum, and from September 1 to January 10, 2015, the museum is presenting an exhibit encompassing the largest exhibit of socially engaged artwork presented in the south.


Flex it! My Body My Temple is modeled on the ideas of Greek agora, or community gathering area and hopes to invite people in Nashville to use the Museum and the Park itself as a destination to “consider and engage in healthy lifestyles.” The exhibit is an evolving framework involving works by the collaborative artists and will develop and grow as projects unfold and the community participates. With participating artists from as far away as Hong Kong, the exhibit offers the public awareness and insight into the body and how to keep it healthy and happy, mentally, physically and emotionally.


One particular exhibit in Flex It! My Body My Temple is called MeetUp and is an exhibit to promote issues of health and harmony through a series of events and video installations in the museum and on the grounds of Centennial Park. This exhibit is created by Adrienne Outlaw, a socially engaged artist whose work shows how individuals can remain autonomous in a madly diverse and quickly evolving world. Outlaw co-curated the entire Flex It! exhibit with Susan Shockley and participates in the exhibit as artist/creator of MeetUp.


“My project, called MeetUp,” explained Outlaw, “ is a series of events and video installation promoting issues of health and harmony.  As part of the project I have organized a participatory potluck picnic, a trash collection, a free zumba and capoiera classes in the park. I’ve now moved into the museum to play badminton with people! The video installation in the museum documents the MeetUp events and other FLEX IT projects. “


“I chose The Parthenon Museum as the place I wanted to pitch the show because of Centennial Park”, said Co-Curator and participating artist Adrienne Outlaw, “ I am interested in breaking down barriers to art and wanted to bring participatory art both to the park and the museum. To truly  understand the FLEX IT show it is best to experience it in both places. I’m hoping that we are able to draw in people who may not normally visit a museum to see what’s possible.”


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