Ben Weaver Band at Sambuca Restaurant


Thanksgiving – check, Black Friday – check. Whew, what a busy week. Now it’s time to focus on your own pleasure for an evening before heading back to the old grind on Cyber Monday morning (Cyber Monday entertainment coming up in an article soon.) This weekend is the perfect time to explore one of the hidden gems in Nashville. You may have passed by Sambuca Restaurant in the popular Gulch warehouse district a dozen times, but did you know that this trendy little place is Nashville’s only rockin’ American Grill, offering diverse music seven nights a week? And did we mention dancing? So, what’s on Sambuca’s agenda tonight?


The Chris Weaver Band is playing the ever-more-popular dinner and music venue Sambuca, this weekend; a show that promises to put a little spring back in your step after all the  madness of the last couple of days. Weaver moved to Nashville after high school to go after his singer/songwriter dreams, like so many musically inclined folks do. But, with a lot of determination and loads of skill, he began doing gigs in clubs on Broad, and managed to develop his own music niche in a city that’s not so easy on musicians. His music is a mixture of country rock, regular rock ‘n roll, with some blues and soul mixed in. Even if you don’t like country music, you very likely will love the unique sound that is Chris Weaver Band, as do his ever-growing fan population.


Sambuca Restaurant offers a menu as diversely eclectic as its music, with dishes ranging from  Artisan Pizza to Edgy Veggies to Off the Hook and From the Range proteins. Enjoy Lobster Enchiladas, Champagne Chicken, Grilled Polenta and even Shrimp & Crab Bisque at this hidden jewel of food and music, right in the Gulch of Nashville.


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