Classical Nashville Symphony December Calendar

Classical Nashville Symphony December Calendar

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center has lined up an impressive December for Nashvillians and the growing number of tourists who come to Music City for our entertainment. Yep, in the past Nashville was simply known for Country Music but in the last few years, this city has grown into a metropolis of entertainment. In fact, Nashville now offers a plethora, no, a smorgasbord of entertainment for everyone, on every night of the week, in every part of town and everybody is welcome. There is entertainment of all genres offered in this grand ole city – and yes, still plenty of country music.


Whether looking for Holiday entertainment or just entertainment in general, music and movie lovers are probably going to find at least two (maybe more) concerts that will fit perfectly into plans for December date nights, family nights, kids’ nights or take-out-of-town-guests out on your town nights in Nashville Symphony’s December concert list.  You are in luck if you do find at least two events you can’t miss out on because two is the magic number at Schermerhorn this holiday season. The Nashville Symphony has decided that as a gift to you, they will offer a Holiday Pack special; buy ticket(s) for at least two eligible concerts and get up to 30% off each ticket. It’s an amazing deal, with an impressive number of concerts to choose from.


You might think twice about taking young ones to a Symphony Center, but you would be surprised at how many kids love a visit to Nashville’s most gorgeous building, especially after a leisurely walk across our lovely, lighted pedestrian bridge. Not only is visiting downtown Nashville a super-treat to most kids, but they get to dress in their special holiday clothes and mingle with the adults at Schermerhorn.  It’s a perfect destination for “Kid’s Night Out,” with fabulous sandwiches and delectable treats from the Cherry Street in-house cafe and maybe even a tour of the prestigious building, simply call ahead and make that appointment. For an easy way to introduce your young ones to classical music, take them to one of the Center’s Movie Nights. Do you remember where you first heard classical music? Most likely it was when watching a cartoon or kids’ show or perhaps a Disney movie that you had your very first taste of what most kids  and some adults think of as “yucky” music. On Movie Nights with the Nashville Symphony, your kids will be entertained by popular movies like Home Alone, while listening to a live orchestra play the score, as the movie unfolds – it’s a great way for them to see how entertaining classical music can be.


Concerts available for the Holiday Pack special through December:

(HURRY, Sale Ends Christmas Eve Midnight and a lot of shows do sell out, especially the movies)


  • Thursday Dec. 4 Michael W. Smith
  • Friday Dec. 5 The Manhattan Transfer Swings Christmas
  • Saturday Dec. 6 Amahl and the Night Visitors
  • Saturday Dec. 6 Home Alone in HD
  • Sunday Dec. 7 Dave Barnes
  • Monday Dec. 8 Anthony Hamilton: Home for the Holidays
  • Tuesday Dec. 9 Jim Brickman: On a Winter’s Night
  • Thursday Dec. 11 Tony Bennett
  • Friday Dec. 12 Tony Bennett
  • Thursday Dec. 18 Handel’s Messiah
  • Friday Dec. 19 Handel’s Messiah
  • Saturday Dec. 20 Handel’s Messiah
  • Wednesday Dec. 31 A Nashville Symphony New Year’s Eve


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