Pippin Brings First National Tour To Nashville’s TPAC

Pippin Brings First National Tour To Nashville’s TPAC

We are deep into the winter here in Nashville – even if it is 63 degrees outside at the moment, so it’s hard to think ahead to Spring, BUT, now is the time you want to book your tickets to see PippinThe Musical  because they just may sell out. It’s a 2013 Tony Award winning musical which has been described as Vibrant, Visually Stunning, Creative, Powerful and The Thrill of the Season says NY1. Coming to Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) March 10-15,  2013 is the Nashville debut of Pippin, the most nominated Broadway show of 2013 and tickets go on sale TODAY.


Pippin hasn’t been back on Broadway since its first time 40 years ago, when audiences were delighted with the production. And it is coming right here to our little city. The score is by Tony nominee Stephen Schwartz (Wicked) and tells the story of a young prince on a death-defying journey to find the meaning of his life. What kind of life will he choose? Will he risk it all in a mad race  for glory or will he settle for a simpler and slower pace in life to find his happiness?


There’s an Acrobatic flavor to the production which takes it in a slightly different direction than that of the original play. The cast is extravagantly costumed and performs some amazing feats of balance, grace and agility, which makes the play a delight to the senses.


“This production features a beautiful acrobatic element, which adds a stunning and creative twist from the original.  While vibrantly costumed, the cast performs unbelievable feats of flexibility, balance, grace, and agility,” says Kathleen O’Brien, TPAC president and chief executive officer.  “There are powerful voices throughout the cast and one that is particularly exciting is the voice of Sasha Allen, who plays the Leading Player.   Folks may remember her as one of the top finalists on the fourth season on NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ and we are thrilled to have her perform here in Nashville.  She is just amazing!”


It’s definitely a hit not to miss and  the ticket booth opened for business just today for Pippin in its Nashville debut. Check out TPAC for all the info you need!


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