Sports Blaine Bishop Receives DUI Charge Sunday Morning

Sports Blaine Bishop Receives DUI Charge Sunday Morning

Tennessee Titans’ fans may remember Blaine Bishop for playing Safety with the Titans for most of the 90s. During his 138 games played with the Nashville based team, Bishop was named to four Pro Bowls and tallied up tackles to reach just a few shy of 800 and, in that eight year period from 1993 to 2001, he led about three out of those tackles. The former Titan  played his last professional football season as Safety with the Eagles and now works at a local radio station here in Nashville.

But, if any Bishop fans happened to be cruising I-65 around Williamson County at about 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning, they may very well have a new memory of the  Former Tennessee Titan, something they can claim to have experienced first hand, gossip to share with fellow fans. It seems that during his nocturnal road trip, Bishop had a bit of a lead foot while cruising the lonely interstate in those wee hours. Unfortunately,  there was someone else on the road who was apparently wide awake, bushy tailed and definitely taking notes. Titan fan or not, this keen observer was in the form of one dedicated law officer from Williamson County Sheriff’s Office who promptly pulled the former Titan Safety (irony, here, anyone?) over for speeding.

Speeding would have been bad enough, still being in the public eye, but evidently the Officer caught wind that the former Titan had been imbibing of something not desirable in someone handling a large, possibly deadly machine . One would have to ponder whether the officer is not a Titan fan or is simply an upstanding officer. The Williamson County Officer charged the Former Safety with driving under the influence, violation of implied consent law and speeding. The allegedly not-so-safe-nor-sober driver was bonded at $3500.00 and given a court date for 1:00 p.m  in General Sessions Court on December 18.

All ribbing aside, Bishop, now 44 years old, is currently co-host of the afternoon drive time show on 104.5, The Zon 3HL: The Sports Station. Bishop was apparently missing in action later during The Zone’s Titans’ pregame show later in the day on Sunday, nor did he seem to be on any radio shows following the game.



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